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  通用汽车(GM)连续第三次将HELLER评为2018年间接材料和机械类最佳供应商之一。目前,通用汽车与大约20,000家供应商合作。今年5月,在底特律的通用汽车总部举行的一场庆祝活动中,133家杰出的供应商获此殊荣。HELLER全球曲轴/凸轮轴副总裁Wolfgang Märker和美国销售负责人Marc St-Pierre代表HELLER接受了奖杯。
  如图:美国HELLER公司销售负责人Marc St-Pierre,HELLER曲轴/凸轮轴副总裁Wolfgang Märker(中间两位),和通用汽车执行董事兼全球制造工程副总裁Kurt Wiese(左)以及总经理兼采购及供应链副总裁Paris Pavlou。
  Wolfgang Märker说:“多年来,我们在相互信任和以解决方案为导向的合作基础上与通用汽车建立了非常密切的合作关系。”HELLER获得了RFK和DRZ系列曲轴亚博平台游戏的奖项,这些曲轴亚博平台游戏用于通用汽车全球多种类型的发动机生产线。Märker补充说:“我们的亚博平台游戏用于制造通用汽车的发动机从三缸到V8系列。”
  使用HELLER亚博平台游戏使通用汽车公司得以大幅降低生产成本。这一点,除了一贯的高精度和可靠性之外,绝对是HELLER再次获得该奖项的主要原因之一。“我们的供应商对我们至关重要。在过去的一年里,我们的供应商再次提供了高品质的创新技术,使我们能够与客户建立并保持长期的关系,”通用汽车全球采购和供应链高级副总裁Steve Kiefer在庆祝活动中说。
  今年的颁奖典礼在通用汽车位于底特律的总部举行,首席执行官Mary Barra出席了颁奖典礼。Märker表示,这表明通用汽车对供应商的高度重视。对HELLER美国销售负责人Marc St-Pierre来说,该奖项是对他们良好合作的认可:“通用汽车(GM)和HELLER的合作伙伴关系已被证明是一个很好的案例,说明如何通过合作交流解决方案和想法,帮助我们两家公司取得成功。GM和HELLER培育的真正开放和共享的环境,在生产系统生产和解决方案方面产生了真正的协同效应。这是一种真正的双赢关系,结果和我们得到的通用汽车的大力支持,在我们共同创造的成功体系中显而易见。”
HELLER scores hat-trick at the GM Supplier of the Year awards

  For the third time in a row, General Motors (GM) has honoured HELLER as one of the best suppliers 2018 in the Indirect Material and Machinery category. In total, GM works with approx. 20,000 suppliers. The best 133 of them were presented with an award at the GM headquarters in Detroit in May this year during a gala event. Wolfgang Märker, Vice President Crankshaft/Camshaft, and Marc St-Pierre, Head of Sales at HELLER USA, accepted the trophy on behalf of HELLER.
  Happy repeat award winners Marc St-Pierre, Head of Sales at HELLER USA and Wolfgang Märker, Vice President Crankshaft/Camshaft at HELLER (both in the middle) together with Kurt Wiese, Executive Director GM & Vice President Global Manufacturing Engineering, (left) and Paris Pavlou, Executive Director GM & Vice President Purchasing & Supply Chain.
  “For many years, we have had a very cooperative relationship with GM based on mutual trust and solution-oriented collaboration,” said Wolfgang Märker. HELLER received the award for the RFK and DRZ range of crankshaft machines used throughout GM production lines for the various engine types around the globe. “Our machines are employed in the manufacture of a wide range of GM’s engines from 3-cylinder through to V8 engines,” explained Märker.
  Using HELLER machines has allowed GM to achieve a significant reduction in production costs. This, in addition to the consistently high precision and reliability, was definitely one of the main reasons that have made HELLER a repeat award winner. “Our suppliers are of paramount importance to us. In the past year, our suppliers have again provided top-quality innovations and technologies, enabling us to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers,” Steve Kiefer, Senior Vice President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at GM, said during the celebrations.
  This year, the award ceremony was held at the automobile group’s headquarters in Detroit and was attended by CEO Mary Barra. According to Märker this showed the high appreciation GM has for its suppliers. To Marc St-Pierre, Head of Sales at HELLER USA, the award is a recognition of their good cooperation: "The General Motors and HELLER Partnership has proven to be a great example of how a collaborative exchange of solutions and ideas to help both our companies succeed.  The truly open and sharing type of environment GM and HELLER have fostered has lead to true synergy in production system productions and solutions.  It has been a real win-win relationship and the results and our much appreciated support by GM are evident in the successful systems we have produced together."

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